Parents and Kids Show

Paul Kabayiza is the Organizer of Parents and Kids Show, produced by PAPAMIA.
PAPAMIA (named after his first-born daughter Mia – meaning Mia’s father) started in 2010 Paul’s vision, as event manager was to promote international artists. He did well hosting numerous concerts and conferences. After the birth of Paul's daughter, he realized that there was not much available for family events where people would meet and learn about products, services, innovative programs and resources available on market. The idea of hosting a family trade-show grew and the first ‘Parents and Kids’ show was hosted in 2014. The event was a success and rapidly grew to become one of largest family trade-show in Canada.

Understanding the need for the family to come together, share and play came the realization that most family events were not much focused on growing families needs as most events were only targeting families of newborn and infants.

“My own needs of information and resources as a parent were the catalyst to starting our trade-show and creating Parents and Kids Show. As parents, I certainly knew I was not the only one looking for answers and resources for my children. As parents, we are always looking for the best way to nurture and prepare our children the right way.”

Having options and information available can be a good start for one to excel. Paul is proud to be able to host the Parents and Kids Show, a trade-show focusing on all needs of growing families.


Paul Kabayiza

An entrepreneur with extensive event management, sales, and Marketing experience, serving small to medium-sized businesses. Paul can help you with marketing for your products launch and services through live events, online and monthly newsletter.

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